Research monitoring committee

Following discussion in several Council meetings, the Doctoral School has adopted the principle of Research monitoring committees. These committees give doctoral students an opportunity to evaluate the work they have carried out since enrolling for a Doctorate and to validate their hypotheses, working methods and any results already obtained from specialists in their field.

  • The research committee is established during the 1st year of research. It has 3 members: the research supervisor, a person external to the research centre and a person external to the university. During the first year a form setting out the composition of the committee and signed by the research supervisor must be completed and included with the documentation in the enrolment dossier for the second year. The research supervisor is responsible for finding the members of the committee, contacting them and obtaining their agreement.
  • The research committee must meet at least once during the student’s period of research, and no later than the end of the second year. The student presents the research to the committee, showing the progress made and investigations conducted, in a format previously agreed with the research supervisor (eg. oral presentation, distribution of a document, powerpoint presentation).

A report from the meeting must be given to the Doctoral School when the student enrols for the 3rd year of research. The report must be written by the research supervisor based on the opinions of the committee members. It will be made available to the student.

NB:  The form establishing the committee must be included in the dossier for enrolment in the 2nd year and the report from the committee meeting must be included in the dossier for enrolment in the 3rd year, with the exception of the year 2012-2013, since this system has existed only since 2011-2012.